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Real Money on a Mission:

Top 10 lies you tell youself to stay safe and your TRUTH that will make you rich.


Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs

logo-smThis program is for entrepreneurs (and those who want to be) who want to systematically envision and design a business that uses their unique genius, accomplishes their big mission, and brings them maximum profit.

Biz School is for you if you:

  • Are developing a new business and want to get clear about your value, what makes you unique, and how to message and market your business in the most powerful way.
  • Have an established business that follows traditional methods, and you want to reinvent yourself in a way that aligns with your Truth.
  • Want to make marketing your business easier for you, and make finding you easier for your clients.
  • Work well with group support and love to learn from the insights of others.
  • Know you are someone who will “do the work” and make the most of a group program.
  • Want to give yourself the time to work through your business design so that it is 100% “right for you.” (The right design of your mission-driven business means you’ll never quit.)
  • Want to design your business to make a big difference and the money you truly desire.

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The Truth Summit

Ever wonder if you’re the only one who went into business with a mission and to do work you absolutely love, only to become frustrated and disconnected from that original spark?  You’re not!  And even better news, it’s not permanent!

The Truth Summit | Darla LeDoux

That’s why we’ve created The Truth Summit! Learn how this expert panel created MAJOR PROFITS, and put the FUN and EXCITEMENT back into their businesses!

Every business owner has their own unique Truth. They have a unique point of view and understanding of the world that unites their Genius and Mission in a way that has potential for incredible Profit. And, most importantly, the clients they serve are looking for the exact thing only they can provide.



Packaged for Profit (and Freedom!)

We went behind the scenes with thriving business owners who have developed multiple streams of revenue.  But these inspiring folks have not just created the money, but they have done it in a way that SERVES THEM and SERVES THEIR CLIENTS!

Packaged for Profit | Darla LeDoux

Each of these generous entrepreneurs agreed to let me probe and pry behind the scenes as they shared:

  • What they currently offer in their business to create multiple income streams.
  • How they developed their current offerings to serve their ideal clients, bring out their unique genius, and give them the freedom lifestyle they desire.
  • What they LOVE most about the services they offer, what really lights them up.
  • How they determined their pricing structure.
  • What offerings they tried that really didn’t work… like the really hard decisions they made to STOP offering certain things, to CHARGE MORE for others, and to offer something that NO ONE in their industry was doing!
  • Advice for reconfiguring your packages to work for YOU!

Access all of the recordings indefinitely from the Packaged for Profit (and Freedom!) Telesummit in exchange for your donation to CAMA, an organization for Camfed Association Alumni.  Your donation of $97 will go DIRECTLY, 100%, into the hands of women entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe who have received business and leadership training through the CAMA organization.



Profit SOS Virtual Workshop

Are you ready to bring in everything you need to get your passion and marketing into alignment so the profits start NOW?

These workshop experts are phenomenal Aligned Entrepreneurs! You can add them to your business audio library and get all 11 audios immediately delivered to your inbox.  For just $97, you will have every one of these high-content, transformational calls to listen to again and again.

Here is a sampling of what you will get when you listen to this library:

  • A new approach to decision-making that will help you see, and shift instantly, the pattern that stops you.
  • Specific tools to strategically design your business offerings and marketing approach for maximum PROFIT.
  • Strategies to cultivate a tribe of ideal clients (“your people”).
  • The courage to stop doing what you “should” and build the business you really want.
  • A deep belief in the biggest version of you and your business.
  • Your PASSION back.



Rewire Your Wealth Virtual Retreat

Do you dream of being a highly-paid, richly-rewarded, purpose and passion-driven entrepreneur, yet your current reality doesn’t reflect that dream?  Perhaps it’s time to Rewire Your Wealth!

You can purchase the complete audio series and workbook, delivered directly to your door and your inbox.  In this week-long virtual retreat, I interviewed top experts in the following 5 areas of wealth:

  1. Owning Your Intuitive Genius
  2. Making Powerful Choices
  3. Creating a Marketing Movement
  4. Structuring Your Business
  5. Acting for Wealth

The reviews of this program were phenomenal, and you can listen to it time and again when you purchase the kit to your door.



E-Book:  The Sweet Spot of Business and Life

6 Essential Steps to Discovering and Stepping into It, Now