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Top 10 lies you tell youself to stay safe and your TRUTH that will make you rich.

Darla’s Approach

My Coaching Approach

I am committed to help you stand firm, aligned, to who you truly are as you design your, personal, ideal business.  I partner with you to avoid the great entrepreneurial flip-flop and move toward your goals with confidence and ease.  I hold the big vision of your dream when you forget.  I challenge your assumptions that are keeping you smaller than your Truth.

Here are a few of the things that make my coaching unique:

A Balanced Approach.  As an engineer and coach, I have a uniquely balanced approach to our work together.  My approach combines left-brained strategy with right-brained creativity; practical action with faith in unseen forces; concrete tools with intuition and inspiration; challenge with compassion.

A Rare Space for Your Dreams. In our fast-paced world in which most people have an opinion on what you “should” do, and a vested interest in your decisions, I hold you and your dreams 100% sacred. I am clear and present, committed to giving you my best, and exploring your ideas from a space of no judgment.

A “Genius at Packaging Your Genius.” Most service-based entrepreneurs struggle to package their genius and place a value on it. My background in Consumer Research, and Product, Brand, Marketing, and Curriculum Development, are a gift when it comes to making your benefits tangible. Defining your Ideal Client, packaging your Genius, and developing an inspired Client Journey with a clear Point of View is an exciting adventure, every time. I ask the questions that help you innovate.

WILLINGNESS TO SPEAK TRUTH. I am willing to tell you what I see, even if you might not like it, and even if it is so great you resist seeing it. My clients are ready to make change, and they value that I will share, directly and with love, the ways of being that are in the way of achieving their goals. I hear both the limits and the brilliance in your words that you don’t recognize, and speak them back to you with power.

Alignment and Accountability. Many business coaches today will provide you with cookie-cutter tools, strategy, and tactics to execute, but they don’t get to know you. For coaching to be most effective, you need a coach who helps you select the right approach that aligns with YOU, and who holds you accountable to your specific commitments over time. I hold YOUR goals sacred, not a generic game plan.

An Inspired Tribe. We are all in the business of relationships. Each of my programs, with the exception of Strategy Days, include a connection to a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs. The tribe component provides a priceless opportunity to observe how you are “in relation” to others, in a safe space with a powerful guide, and creates another layer of accountability… a “listening” for the biggest version of you.