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Coaching Programs

There are three ways in which I work with clients to own their genius, establish their mission, and design for profit. If you are ready to align your business and your life with the Truth of who you are, you’re in the right place to determine the best fit for you.

Inner Alignment Intensive

The most important work you’ll ever do is getting clear about who you are, why you’re in business, and the unique value you offer the world.  I’ve seen countless business owners, fail, get off track, or work at a very expensive hobby year after year without getting traction. Because they weren’t aligned with their unique value.

The IAI is not for everyone. 

It’s for you if:

  • You know you’re in business for the long haul and you’re willing to do what it takes to make your business something you truly, deeply love.
  • You want to go for higher level clients, but you’re uncertain about how to serve them and what you can really charge.
  • You know deep down that YOU, your own thoughts, beliefs, and actions, are at the source of all success and all gaps in success.
  • You are ready to give yourself the experience that will shift EVERYTHING and bring the fun back BEFORE you break down about it!

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Profit Breakthrough VIP Strategy Day

Are you a bit impatient? Are you fully committed to your dreams? Do you want to move your business forward by leaps and bounds in just one day? The Profit Acceleration Strategy Day is for you if you:

  • Want a concrete business model and marketing plan in writing in one day.
  • Want to cut out months of wondering and waiting.
  • Are willing to make big decisions toward your big dream without indulging in struggle!
  • Want to identify and move past your personal energy blocks as you choose powerfully a business design you love.
  • Want to create in a sacred space focused only on you and your goals.

Your Program Includes:

  • Profit Style Index Assessment & Debrief – Identify your default response tendencies in your business at 7 different levels, using the Energy Leadership Index™. Uncover energy blocks that might otherwise prevent you from making the most of our day together.  (Typically done ~ 2 weeks prior to our day).
  • VIP Strategy Day – This 5-hour strategy generally takes place between 10 am- 3 pm and includes catered lunch.  Most days are held in downtown Denver, CO, though can be held via Skype or in agreed upon city per Darla’s travel schedule.
  • 2 30-minute follow-up coaching calls – Clarify any direction after time to reflect, and have an accountability structure to ensure you put your strategy into action!

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Profit Acceleration Circle Private Coaching

This program is for entrepreneurs who want to move quickly with high-level support toward their business goals. My private coaching is for you if you:

  • Have an established business and want to make some bold changes to align further with your Truth.
  • Have a new business, and you want to design it “right for you” with personal support from the start.
  • Have a business idea you wish to explore with committed support.
  • Want a clearly defined path to profit by partnering with someone who has “already made the mistakes for you.”
  • Know there’s something you’re not seeing about the “elegant solution” in your business design.
  • Want to catch and move past the energy blocks you’re living with that are getting in the way your success.
  • You want personal coaching, business design support, clear accountability, and the power of a like-minded tribe behind you.

The Profit Acceleration Circle uses a combination of a personal assessment, 1-on-1 coaching, plus a live and virtual group mastermind forum to have you get the maximum information and insight from your choice to invest in coaching support.

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Not sure which program is for you? New clients should start with a private Profit Breakthrough Strategy Session to uncover your current biggest need in moving from where you are to where you want to go. Should you find that one of my programs is a fit for your next step, we can credit the cost of the session toward your enrollment.

Profit Breakthrough Strategy Session

This session includes a 30-minute private call with me, and a Profit Breakthrough Prep Form that allows us both to make the most of our time together. This session has a $397 value, but first time clients can purchase today for just $247. Everything you need to get scheduled will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase. Should we find that we are a match and one of my programs is right for you, your $247 investment will be applied to your program.

(Past Clients, please email support[at] to inquire about additional coaching.)