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We Love to Celebrate Clients’ Success

Danielle Watson

I made the decision to sign up for Darlas PAC because I  was tired  of trying  to do everything myself.  I’d managed to get pretty far in life on my own, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I knew I had mental barriers to wild success that I just wasn’t going to be able to work past on my own. I wanted to see what I might be able toaccomplish with the right support. I knew Darla was the right coach for me because she was able to help me shift some thoughts I’d been grappling with for years in a matter of minutes. I wanted that kind of speed available to me as I built my new business. Within a few months I had a new business I loved and the first client I booked  paid me more than I had ever earned in an entire month  booking  multiple clients. Sure, it’s awesome to be paid what I’m worth, but the best part has been how I feel about my life.  Coaching has been the number one  thing that has allowed me to go from  just living my life to truly feeling ALIVE!  If you are looking to move swiftly towards your goals, Darla will be a great resource in that process. You’ll have to be willing to do the work, but the freedom you will gain as a result will be well worth it.

Danielle Watson

Marla Beck

Darla’s tough and loving coaching helped me learn to speak from my heart and honor my true desires in life and business.

After just 8 months of working together, I’ve relocated to a private office, rebranded my coaching practice and raised my rates significantly. Because I’m no longer afraid to share my story in my marketing, I’m attracting prospective writer-clients who are a great fit for my values and approach. I’m also making more money than I’ve ever made before!

Darla’s coaching taught me to stop being afraid of going for what I really want.  I’m a happier, more successful coach as a result.

Marla Beck, MFA
Career & Life Coach for Writers

Sandy McDougall

“Working with Darla has me moving forward with a confidence and flow that has put FUN back into my work.  Darla told me early on that our goal was to create in me an inner process of confident decision-making and a momentum that would carry on over time. When I started with her, that seemed to me a very far-fetched idea. But each time I make a decision-  with Darla providing invaluable structure and perspective, and reminding me to stay in touch with my gut and keep my focus on what works for me –  Darla is helping me experience how to make progress by going inside as much as looking outside.

A VIP day with Darla is an invaluable experience. I had time to do some big personal mindset work that would have held me back for years. And we still had the chance to develop loose ideas into plans and campaigns so that I had a clear road map for the next weeks, when before, I had been finding my way day to day.

I have raised my contract price three-fold. I can well remember the knot in my stomach when Darla first recommended this move, but the proof is that clients have been happy to sign and get started. So Darla kicked my self-doubt out the window on that one. I have also sponsored, exhibited, and done many speaking engagements. All this happened quickly and for the first time with Darla at my back. And with those personal glass ceilings broken, I am ready for more firsts, and am thrilled to be playing this game head on. So much has happened in a few months that I am truly excited to see where I’ll be in the next year or two!

Sandy McDougall
Mentor for Mavericks in Work and Life
Transform Your Crazy Ideas into a Rich and Purposeful Life

Stephanie Steyer

 Before I started working with Darla I was not taking my design business that seriously. I would try to, but somehow I would end up giving myself and my talent away. I wasn’t getting paid what I was worth.

I had a VIP day with Darla in Minneapolis and it was a wonderful, healing experience. It felt so amazing to spend 5 hours with her one-on-one. We were able to map out a time-line, schedules, how and what I offer for clients, and how I will make that work for them. We also spent quite some time on exploring my money issues. It was an intense recharge for my business!

I came away from my VIP day with clear steps and ideas for taking my business to a new level. I came home and designed my logo, implemented my business’ Facebook page, and am now designing my website. The VIP day provided a great jump start for my motivation, and it provided clarity and purpose for my next steps.

I highly recommend the VIP day with Darla! It was focused, intense but safe and comforting at the same time. Darla has tremendous insight into who I am and how I can make my business a great success. I feel super supported!

Stephanie Steyer
Simply Gorgeous Design
Penn Valley, California

“Changed how I saw myself and my possibilities… I have my ideal life!”

“I lived in Ohio and was in an unhealthy marriage, working in my husband’s business primarily which was not my passion, as well as a part-time business of my own that I did enjoy. I had dreamed of starting my own business that I felt really drawn to do.

I had shared my dream with a friend of mine who referred me to Darla. In essence, her message emphasized the importance of aligning your passion and talents with your work life. After listening to her class, I knew that I had to make major changes in my life, both personally and professionally NOW. I decided to launch my own business and reached out for coaching since her approach and values matched my own & she appeared to have the skills I needed to learn. In my mindset and confidence level, I saw changes immediately.

I have my ideal life! I moved to the city that I always wanted to live, launched the business I have dreamed about for years, and have the personal life now that I always longed for. I know Darla is a business coach, but for me she also changed how I saw myself and my possibilities, which influenced every aspect of my life. I have full confidence that I have the tools I need to succeed.”

J. Lee
Strategically You
Austin, TX

Adam Shapiro“I found that I had a greater understanding of my motivators and decision making process.”

When I started working with Darla, I had been struggling to find my way to financial freedom and fulfillment in my work. For the past several years, I have been accumulating more stress and anxiety, while trying to uphold a positive outlook on life. These opposing forces were ripping me apart and I feared losing everything — my inspiration, motivation and love for life.

Immediately I could tell that Darla cared about me and offered great insight into the professional and personal realms — direct, passionate and compassionate.

We started with the Leadership Energy Index through which I gained incredible insight and began breaking down the walls that confined me. After the initial shock, I found that I had a greater understanding of my motivators and decision making process. Rebuilding takes time, but now I’m certain I can do it right!

Having gained greater self-awareness, I am able to make decisions that work for me and have restored a trust and determination in my spirit that goes beyond measure. I am truly excited and confident as I look ahead. Thank you!

Darla brings great energy, compassion and insight into her work — bridging the gap between personal and professional that stands her apart from the crowd. I feel so confident in her skills and such trust in her being that I gladly give Darla my very highest recommendation to any individual looking for more in life!

Adam Shapiro, L.Ac., MSTCM
Affordable Acupuncture
Boulder, CO

Polly Giblin“I can honestly say that I now see sales as a way of being of service to others.”

I was working as a professional organizer and wanting to transition into life coaching. I had trained as a coach 8 years ago but my skills had morphed into a career in organizing. I was basically doing coaching in a client’s physical environment. I heard Darla speak at a networking event and she spoke about ‘Movement based marketing’. I wasn’t sure what that was but I love movement and that term really resonated with me, and I knew I needed help with marketing.

I started seeing results after the first few months. I began to believe that it would really be possible for me to earn a living teaching and coaching one-on-one. I have more confidence in myself than I ever have as a coach. I have taken steps that in the past have stopped me from moving forward. I have also learned a lot about the sales process and that it doesn’t have to be icky! I can honestly say that I now see sales as a way of being of service to others. That is no small shift! In working with Darla I’ve also learned to be vulnerable. It was a shock to learn that if I truly want to be authentic, I have to be willing to be vulnerable. Authenticity isn’t only about the good stuff! I feel so different interacting with people now that I’m not trying to appear like I always have it totally together. If someone was considering working with Darla, I would tell them that she is very insightful and generous. I would also tell them that they better be serious about what they want to change in their life because Darla is about taking action.

Polly Giblin
Life Coach
Mason, OH