Real Money on a Mission:

Top 10 lies you tell youself to stay safe and your TRUTH that will make you rich.

Let’s spread the freedom and profit.

Are you with me for this true win-win?

Become and Affiliate today and earn commission on referred purchases!

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
~ Buddha

Thank you for exploring the Align and Profit Affiliate Program. Just by sharing the programs you already know and love, you can not only spread the joy, you can earn money! We’ll keep you updated on program launches and opportunities to earn 20-25% or more on group coaching programs and events, and a flat fee for private coaching referrals.

The exact commission for each program will be indicated on your affiliate page for the current programs being promoted.

Promotional copy will be available during program launches in your affiliate resource center. This will include:

  • Solo email copy
  • Newsletter Promotions
  • Tweets and Posts for Facebook/Linked In.
  • A unique link you can use on your website.
  • Often banners and images will also be available.

To be an affiliate you simply need to be familiar with me and my programs (I am happy to talk to you personally about them), and use ethical and appropriate marketing methods (please, no spamming).

Some of the details:
  • When you join and are approved, you will access your own personal affiliate resource center with “links and tools” that will allow you to send people directly to my site and programs.
  • Your referrals’ purchases will be automatically tracked with cookies from your link.
  • You will be paid 30 days after a purchase (to account for returns or bad payments), and after you have earned at least $50.
  • No commissions will be paid on canceled or refunded orders.
  • Get paid via PayPal (easiest and fastest) or check.
  • Sorry, no commission on your own purchases.
  • If your referral is already in the database from another referral source, or is already a current client, I thank you for sharing with them :), yet no commission will be paid. Any commissions applied in this situation will be voided and your commissions will be adjusted accordingly.
  • We are not responsible for commissions on improperly formatted affiliate links.

I look forward to reviewing your application and supporting your friends and referrals on their mission to accomplishing BIG stuff!

For more information, you can contact us by clicking here.