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Real Money on a Mission:

Top 10 lies you tell youself to stay safe and your TRUTH that will make you rich.


You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

I mean it.

Rock star status.


You’re on a mission. You’ve got big stuff to accomplish.

Some part of you knows this, and it probably scares you.

If you were really that biggest version of yourself, then what?

  • What would you have left to dream about or struggle toward?
  • What responsibility would now be yours?
  • And what might GO WRONG if you were actually SEEN and HEARD?
Heavy stuff.

So you keep little pieces of yourself, your life, and your business in distraction mode – out of alignment – so you don’t have to be powerful. So you can stay safe. Maintain control. Be a part of the crowd.

Only playing safe is no longer working for you.The calling of your mission has gotten louder.




Wouldn’t it be easier if you could be satisfied with the status quo?

Perhaps. But let’s face it, that’s just not who you are.

You’re that rock star on a mission to change the world. Our world, and your own world.

You want your children, or our world’s children, to grow up with a different future. You want them to know that they can spend life as they choose. That no one gets to put them in a box and tell them how life their should be.

You want them to inherit a planet with a new vision for “your thing:”

  • A sustainable planet
  • A healthy planet
  • People who make as much money as they want doing what they love!
  • Insert “your thing” here

You want to leave that legacy. It starts with you. You’re the model, my friend.

It’s time to Align.

Alignment is peace.

[Out of alignment is stress.]

Many of us live out of alignment.

We want to be both safe and make a difference. We want to have freedom, yet have someone tell us what to do. We want to be true to ourselves, yet make sure everyone still likes us. We want to make big change, yet follow the rules of “experts” who have already done it.

Only NO ONE has done it, because no one is you! This is your thing. Your mission.

The exact business plan that made millions for someone else, will FALL FLAT with you. Not because you’re not talented enough – far from it. But because that was a plan aligned with their truth – their mission. It’s got nothing to do with you.

Be wary of someone who says “do it like I did.” Something will be missing and you won’t quite know what.

Done that already? It’s unsettling, right?

Alignment is a confidence that you know your own Truth.

[Out of alignment is the great flip-flop.]

Alignment is Freedom

[Out of alignment is constraint.]

Alignment is nothing hidden. 100% power.

[Out of alignment is putting on a hat, trying to prove, striving to be someone other than you.]

Alignment is being so convicted about the difference YOU make (yes, you) that nothing can keep that change from unfolding.

Alignment is a beacon of hope.

[Out of alignment is chaos and uncertainty]

In our modern world of clutter and chaos, people long for clarity…. for something solid to believe in. We are hungry for someone so clear in their mission, that we can sleep better at night just knowing you exist.

That is who you are, at your core.

How do I know? Because you’re reading these words right now. And you’re “my people.”

Alignment is your best marketing tool.

[Out of alignment is wasted effort.]

But you’ve got to do the work.

Being in alignment doesn’t mean working harder. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But there is work involved. The work is bravely releasing all that which does not align with your Truth. The work of alignment simplifies your work. You invite the elegant solution.

When your energy, your being, is in complete alignment with your words, actions, and goals, magic happens. There is no one to be but your Self. There is nothing to do but be you. The Universe conspires to support you. Unseen forces come to your aid. The struggle disappears, resources appear, people listen. The world is your stage.

Alignment is not for the faint of heart.

Alignment means dealing with YOU at a core level. It means releasing old habits and patterns that may have worked brilliantly in the old world of proving yourself and gaining external approval – how most of us were trained to operate. But they fall flat when it’s time to do “your thing.”

Out of alignment, quite simply, is no longer an option for you.

If you can see it, it is yours to do, and it will not go away. And the Truth is, you simply can’t do it if you’re out of alignment. It’s too hard. There’s too much stress. You’ll doubt yourself. You’ll choose to quit. The exact right distraction will stop you just when you’re about to make the change you need.

You know, because you’ve let it happen before, right? So have I.


Your Mission is too important to let that happen. The world needs your Genius. Your Ideal Clients are waiting. The Profit you deserve is waiting for you to align and claim it.

There’s something special about an Aligned Entrepreneur. The world takes notice.
And there’s something very special about you.


Take your stage.

Your Genius, Your Mission, and Your Profit await!