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The Great Entrepreneurial

IT’S EXHAUSTING. (And bank account draining!)

Here’s what happens:

You get excited and inspired about your business. You know exactly what you want to go do, and it’s big. Then bam, the doubt creeps in. You censor yourself. Play a little smaller. Safer. Think a bit “more normal.”

You create a “perfect marketing message” based on someone’s master formula, and you go out to share it with the world. And you fall flat. Back to the drawing board. Maybe you were wrong to be in this business after all.

You set a new money goal and an exciting new rate. You are determined to meet your goal. You get on the phone with someone who, in hindsight, was clearly not “your people.” You get nervous and lower your rate on the fly. You’re met with rejection anyway. You quietly sell out on your goal.

It’s the great entrepreneurial flip-flop. And not only is it exhausting…

It’s Costing You:
And lots of MONEY.

It’s time to get in alignment
(Both your world and your bank account depend on it).

Alignment is about being 100% clear about why you are in business, with nothing stopping you from communicating it full-out.

It’s releasing any thought, belief or behavior that it is “not it” and artfully crafting a mission-driven message that hits home. It’s getting the right people on board with what you do and why you do it. It’s being your brand.

It’s becoming one of “those people” who have got “their thing.” When they speak, people listen. When they share about their business, you suddenly want it. Their products, services, messaging, actions, and energy all line up, every time. They are using their Genius. They’re on a Mission. AND most importantly, they make a Profit. Consistently.

An Aligned Entrepreneur is a beacon that lets you know something more is possible in the world.

Alignment is YOUR best marketing tool.

Action without alignment is energy wasted. It’s also frustrating and unfulfilling. I would know. I spent over 15 years being out of alignment with my Truth – my values, beliefs, gifts, and the difference I’m here to make. I was busy and productive, but unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I got aligned that I created success on my terms.

When your energy, goals, client connection strategy and offerings (I call this your Client Journey), and your action are in full alignment with you>r personal Genius, and your big Mission:

  • You won’t quit. When you decide, it happens.
  • You have a pipeline of ideal clients who are on board and eager to pay you.
  • You maximize the effect of your marketing, sales and profit – every time.


Resistance is futile. It’s your thing. Your Mission. It won’t go away.

Stop the Flip-Flop once and for all.

ALIGN and profit, today!